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Document Control Specialist


  • Reproduce small and wide format documents, drawings and photos via computer and/or
    reprographic equipment.
  • Manage cash and payment systems, as well as business system in accordance with
    company procedures.
  • Manage and organize electronic files in alignment with company structure.
  • Manage customers needs pertaining to FedEx shipping & inquiries.
  • Perform routine tasks as assigned by Shop Manager.
  • Help maintain a clean and healthy work environment.


  • Communicates effectively with co-workers and customers either in person, telephone
    and/or online.
  • Displays a flexible attitude and is able to change tasks at moment’s notice due to the
    needs of the business.
  • Maintains a collaborative demeanor while working in high pressure environment to
    produce a superior quality product.
  • Exhibits excellent time management skills in order to meet strict deadlines on a daily &
    hourly basis.
  • Responds effectively to direction from any team member and help to maintain a positive
    work place.
  • Demonstrates mechanical aptitude.
  • Drives timeline & education to complete necessary training as outlined in TPS Company
    procedures within 90 day period.
  • Must be able to be on feet/standing for several hours at a time.
  • Must be able to lift and handle 27lbs and on occasion lift and handle 55lbs with
    assistance of another employee.


  • High School Diploma / GED
  • Microsoft Windows operating systems
  • Microsoft Office programs
  • Adobe Creative Suites
  • AutoCAD Viewer
  • QuickBooks

***Download and fill out the application below. Email your completed application to accounts@theplotshop.com.